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Manitowoc to launch new range leader in Potain MDT cranes

Manitowoc Potain MDT cranes

The largest MDT tower crane from Manitowoc’s Potain brand will launch in early 2009. The MDT 368 is available in two versions, the MDT 368 L12, with a 12 t maximum capacity, and the MDT 368 L16, with a 16 t maximum capacity.

Carlos Monteiro, senior product manager for tower cranes at Manitowoc, said the new crane combines existing features that are popular with customers with some new modifications. “Our MDT customers like the fast erecting and dismantling times this series of cranes provides and we have included those capabilities on the MDT 368, ” he said. “But because of the size and applications for this crane, we’ve also built in some interesting new features.”

One new feature on the crane is a counterjib section that can be folded for transport. Because of the crane’s excellent outreach and strong lifting ability, it requires a 21.7 m counterjib which is too long for transport on a standard truck. To overcome this, Manitowoc’s engineers incorporated a hinge, allowing this section to fold for transport.

Customers will also benefit from the configuration options available, as the crane’s jib sections are interchangeable with those used on other Potain MDT cranes, MDT 268 and MDT 308. A choice of mast sections is available too, with the standard 2 m x 2 m or larger 2.45 m x 2.45 m K mast available.

Maximum jib length on both the 12 t and 16 t versions of the MDT 368 is 75 m. Maximum height-under-hook is 93.7 m. For both versions of the crane there is a choice of hoists with either the 55 kW 75 LVF 30 Optima or the 75 kW 100 LVF 30 Optima. On the MDT 368 L16 there is also a new trolley, the 6 DVF 6 which can reach speeds of 100 m/min with a 4 t load.

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