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Manitowoc launches new GT truck crane series

Manitowoc GT Truck Crane Series

Manitowoc recently unveiled three new GT series of truck cranes. The truck crane range will initially offer three models, ranging in capacities from 10t to 25 t. The cranes are: the GT-10, with a 10 t capacity; the GT-18, with an 18 t capacity; and the GT-25, with a 25 t capacity. The cranes are the first new models from the Manitowoc factory in Tai’an, China. Manitowoc created a joint venture, known as Manitowoc Dongyue, with Tai’an Dongyue Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd in 2008.

Ruben Olivas, global product manager for truck cranes, boom trucks and industrial cranes for Manitowoc, said that the truck cranes were user-friendly and ergonomic. “We wanted to ensure that these truck cranes would be the most productive for the markets they were designed for, ” he said. “It’s important to us as a company that our customers find these cranes both easy to use and applicable to their market.” All of the cranes feature a strong Channel boom with a single cylinder telescoping system and an improved hydraulic system and several indicators and instruments to give the operator better awareness of the load. Also added was a new hydraulic system cooler, fitted to reduce the chances of overheating in duty cycle applications. The GT-25 features a new ‘free swing’ system with a foot operated brake, which automatically centers the line when picking a load.

The cranes have a streamlined ergonomic cab giving an uncluttered view of the load and offering the driver room and comfort. Anti-slip steps and handholds provide easy access and color coded controls allow for quick identification and easy operation.

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