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Manitowoc Grove GCK3045

Manitowoc Grove GCK3045

The Manitowoc Grove GCK3045 has a 45 t maximum capacity and a 34 m boom. It also has a smooth running lower works which offers road speeds of up to 80 km/h, for swift movement between job sites, and features such as crab and cramp steering, for better on-site maneuverability.

The GCK3045 offers a number of innovations that make it a uniquely advanced and flexible crane:• No additional counterweight needed. Designers located the 330 kW engine in the crane’s superstructure allowing it to act as counterweight. • Asymmetric outrigger settings. This capability gives users more flexibility in narrow areas. • A “twist jib.” The GCK3045’s jib attaches after rotating below the boom, as opposed to the more common swing away style, which rotates sideways and requires side clearance.

This attention to detail helped convince Martin van Riel that the GCK3045 would be a profitable addition to his crane fleet.

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