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Manitowoc Grove GCK3045 Mobile Crane

Grove GCK3045 Mobile Crane

Grove GCK3045, the newest mobile crane that Manitowoc launched during 2009 has a single cab, and its compact dimensions make it ideally suited to working indoors or in crowded urban settings.

The GCK3045 has a maximum capacity of 45 t and a 34 m boom with optional twist jib. This 6.3 m/10.2 m jib can rig within the crane’s 2.55 m width as opposed to more conventional jibs which must “swing out” of the crane’s width to set up. Other dimensions for the GCK3045 are 9.07 m length by 3 m height. There are five outrigger settings on the crane, and these can be asymmetrically set for better flexibility.

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