Architecture Things » Machine protection RapidProtect 2000 makes automation safer

Machine protection RapidProtect 2000 makes automation safer

Machine protection RapidProtect 2000

The machine protection door, RapidProtect 2000, is one of the fastest doors in its class. A long life, maintenance free operation and little space requirement make the door unlike any other machine protection door on the market.

The RR 2000 offers complete protection from flying sparks, dust and welding spatter, keeping people or machines in the area safe. Microprocessor controls allow the door to be fitted for customers desires and to be easily integrated into individual automation concepts. Of course customisation of details according to special company standards are also possible and part of our standard operation. The doors follow EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC EN_62061 and show an absolute reliability to the second even after years. The RapidProtect 2000 can be installed anywhere, where highly automated production processes in small spaces meet operating personnel. Areas for application include welding machines, cutting and dying systems, tool handling, presses, conveying systems and lift/ high storage systems.

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