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Liquid Fusion Flooring by Holo-Walls is Now Portable

Aqua Liquid Fusion Dance Floor

Holo-Walls, LLC, developers of the unique portable Liquid Fusion floor tiles and table systems, has launched their new “Aqua” series Liquid Fusion portable floor system to their rental inventory.

Aqua Series Liquid Fusion Rental Floor System

Born from the popularity of the company’s “Purple/Orange” liquid lava-like tiles, the “Aqua” line features two opposing colored liquids in a blue and dark blue pattern creating the illusion of walking or dancing on water. Each tile is 40 inches square with a total thickness of only .75 inches. The light-weight modular liquid-filled tiles are made up of two sheets of PVC with an anti-slip surface that are combined and sealed with two opposing colored liquids that swirl around each other as pressure is exerted along its surface. Each tile is set into a custom “tongue and groove” interlocking aluminum frame system which requires little effort for installation and removal. Dancing, walking and other surface activity stimulates the play of colors and forms in continuous evolution as the memory trace of footprints are left behind then, gradually, the encased colored liquid fills back in like the ocean wiping away imprints in the sand.

Holo-Walls has available for rental a total of 64 completed modular tiles – enough to create a 28 by 28 foot dance floor or other flooring applications including fashion show runways, walkways, platforms, stage surfaces, trade shows, exhibits, events, weddings and displays. Tiles are crated for easy shipping anywhere in North America with installation being handled locally with only a screwdriver required for assembly.The durability of the materials and construction makes it safe for all types of foot traffic and activity including high heels, vehicles, products and heavy equipment.

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  1. Hello, I am interested in buying in Spain, 4 floor slabs of fluid (2 pink and 2 blue). Please could you provide me telephone company in Spain that sell?. I hope reply. Thank you very much.

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