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Line to Line by Phillip K Smith III

Line to Line - Contemporarty Installation

Polystyrene, Styrospray, Latex Paint are the material that has been uded to create a new concept design of installation done by Architect and designer Phillip K. Smith, III. This architect and designer has created “Line to Line,” a temporary installation at the Royale Projects gallery in Indian Wells, California. The Dimensions of this installation is 10’6? wide x 10’6? high x 14’0? long. The theme and idea in designing this Line to Line is to creates a distinct exterior and interior relationship with the space within which it is contained. Between the opposing “lines” lies the dimensional structure of the sculpture, defining at once its peripheral skin and the internal space of the form itself. Shifting between two and three dimensions, the linear graphics of this interior space suggest the perspectival representation of an infinite void. Such a unique idea and installation design product done by the designer. via

Line to Line - Installation Design Line to Line - Installation Retail
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