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Line of Work by Jill Anholt

Line of Work architecture

Sophisticated modern installation is done by Canadian artist Jill Anholt. This architect and designer has introduced ‘Line of Work’ installation that she created for the edge of a pedestrian pathway next to the new Vancouver Convention Centre. the notion that single elements working together can become more than the sum of their parts. this beautiful installation complete your building design and make it more beautiful.

Line of Work collection

Line of Work is composed of a series of stainless steel frames supporting laminated yellow cedar elements that cantilever increasingly in reach and angle outwards from their base. The installation spans over 110?, each element is 20? tall and varies from 2-8? in depth. There are 17 elements in total; the 15 in the centre represent 150 years of British Columbia’s provincial history plus one at either end representing BC’s past and future. The wood elements are carved with occupations that follow this rough time line, moving from pre-1850s through to post 2010, reflecting larger scale shifts in the provincial economy: from occupations surrounding natural resource extraction toward processing and manufacturing and finally into service and technology. The piece includes both general and specific occupations, to chart larger cultural shifts and to include meaningful individual examples. via

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