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Largest High Performance XIR Glass Installation at Universiade Center in China

Universiade Center sports complex in Shenzhen

Southwall Technologies, Inc., announced the use of its heat-reflective XIR film in a glass-intensive, multi-building sports complex in Shenzhen, China, the site of the World University Games in August 2011.

The Universiade Center, a landmark green building project currently under construction at a cost of $548 million US dollars and consisting of a main sports stadium, swimming complex and multifunctional arena, will be equipped with over 35,000 square meters (380,000 square feet) of Southwall’s heat-blocking XIR laminated glass forming a dramatic series of glass crystals that will redefine the Longgang Sports New Town section of the city.

Planned to shine like three huge illuminated crystals, the Center’s design necessitated exterior glass capable of high visible light transmission, clear optical transparency and exceptional solar heat rejection to reduce air conditioning operating cost and improve spectator comfort.

Southwall’s XIR laminated glass encapsulates heat-blocking XIR film between two layers of PVB and glass. The finished product has a unique, low-reflectance appearance, allowing greater than 70% visible light transmittance while reflecting approximately 50% of ambient infrared heat.

The Shenzhen Public Works Bureau, Sports Bureau and Planning Bureau have funded the Universiade Center project and worked closely with Kaisheng Energy Saving Technology Company, the master distributor in the People’s Republic of China of Southwall’s XIR glass products. The Universiade project is the first installation of XIR laminated glass in a major sports facility.

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