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La Zagaleta House by Peter Thomas de Cruz

La Zagaleta House modern architecture design

British architect Peter Thomas de Cruz has designed and created a stunning, modern, and sophisticated modern house. This house architecture architect has designed a house in La Zagaleta, Spain. This house design is so stunning, fantastic, and futuristic. The owner wants to have such a great house for them with beautiful design both interior and exterior and the architect has done the house and the result is a beautiful house design that no one will regret and refuse not to live in this house. This spectacular contemporary house challenges the orthodoxy of much of the recent pseudo-vernacular development in the area with calm, flowing spaces, a considered response to topography and climate and simplicity in detail.

La Zagaleta House bathroom design

Adding to the sense of spectacle the house is dramatically cut in two perpendicular to the gallery with a glass-floored dining space bridging the gap between the two halves and linking the cooking space to the living space. The parallel gallery sits astride an internal pool and, when all the glazing is fully retracted, both the gallery and the dining space become bridges fully open to the air. The calmness of the house is accentuated by water flowing from the gallery courtyard pool down over a slate-finished waterfall beneath the dining room to meet the lowest of the two connected swimming pools. via

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