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Kwikset SmartKey Re-Key Technology in All Box Pack Keyed Entry Products

Kwiksets popular Polo series of keyed entry products now come equipped with SmartKey re-key technology.

Kwikset®, an innovation leader in the residential door hardware industry, today announced that SmartKey® re-key technology is available in all of Kwikset’s box pack keyed entry products. The expanded availability of this groundbreaking technology ultimately provides an opportunity for a greater number of American homeowners to have the ability to provide their families with improved home security and access control. SmartKey combines the simplicity of re-keying in seconds without removing the lock from the door, the security of BumpGuard™ to protect against lock bumping, and the pick resistance that withstands the highest levels of testing.

Originally introduced in 2007 and available only in mid-price point products, SmartKey locks feature a patented side-locking bar technology, central to the device’s ability to be rapidly and easily re-keyed in the event a key is lost or stolen. Re-keying also allows homeowners the flexibility to match all Kwikset keyed entries to one key for added convenience and security. This stainless steel side-locking bar also replaces the traditional pin and tumbler design that is particularly vulnerable to lock bumping attacks. The cylinder uses two steel balls inserted into the front of the key face to provide improved drill resistance.

Kwikset box pack SmartKey products are now available in all price points. Design families recently added to the SmartKey line-up include Tylo®, Polo®, Dorian®, Delta®, Cove™, Dakota™ and the 660/665 deadbolt. For more information on these and other products, visit

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