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Konarka Solar Panels for Portable Charging Applications

Konarka Power Plastic

Konarka Technologies, Inc. unveiled a line of solar panels for use in a variety of portable charging applications that will be available worldwide in the fourth quarter of this year. Commercial products incorporating Konarka Power Plastic® 20 Series material, which include battery chargers for lighting, mobile phones and devices, carry bags and café umbrellas, will be available through the company’s qualified resellers and partners program.

“As a world leader in organic photovoltaic technology, Konarka has been working to meet the growing demand for personal and commercial solar energy solutions,” commented Rick Hess, president and CEO at Konarka. “We are delighted to see manufacturers from new and existing markets integrating our solar panels into their products, creating energy-capturing devices, and making them available for commercial use. Initial product applications will address portable and remote power needs while providing distinctive value to our partners’ solutions.”

The Konarka Power Plastic 20 Series includes the Power Plastic 120 (1-watt), Power Plastic 320 (3-watt) and Power Plastic 620 (7-watt) products. The panels vary in size and are available with and without integrated connectors, ready to be used or integrated into a manufacturer’s device or product.

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