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Komatsu WA470-6 New Wheel Loader

Komatsu WA470-6 New Wheel Loader - Side View

Komatsu America Corp. today announced the introduction of WA470-6 which features a Large Capacity Torque Converter. With a net horsepower of 272 HP, WA470-6 has an operating weight between 51, 850 to 52, 150 pounds and a dump clearance of 10’5” when equipped with a 5.5 yd³ general purpose bucket and is an excellent choice for construction, material handling and recycling applications.

Komatsu WA470-6 New Wheel Loader - Rear Side View

The new wheel loader is equipped with the latest KOMTRAX® technology which monitors a variety of machine operating information including daily fuel consumption, working hours, hour meter, machine location, cautions and maintenance alerts. Utilizing wireless technology, KOMTRAX relays this information to a secure website for analysis, thereby increasing machine availability, reducing the risk of machine theft, and allowing for remote diagnosis by the distributor.

New Large Capacity Torque Converter

Similar to WA480-6, WA470-6 has a newly designed Large Capacity Torque Converter that provides excellent tractive effort, improved acceleration and improved hill climbing ability. The machine has greater productivity in V-cycle applications because of the increased tractive effort. The improved hill climbing ability allows WA470-6 to up-shift gears faster due to the improved acceleration, achieve higher gear ranges and maintain higher ground speeds when working in load-and-carry or hopper feeding applications. In either application, production is increased and fuel consumption maximized resulting in improved fuel efficiency (tons/gal).

WA470-6 is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D125E-5 diesel engine with an Electronic Heavy Duty Common Rail fuel injection system that provides fast throttle response while optimizing fuel combustion. The engine is EPA Tier 3 emission certified without sacrificing power or machine productivity.

Fuel consumption is greatly reduced because of the high-torque engine and the large capacity torque converter, as well as the CLSS (Closed-Center Load Sensing System). With two selectable operating modes that adjust easily, the engine effortlessly adapts to different working conditions. The E mode provides maximum fuel efficiency for general loading and the P mode has a maximum power output for hard digging operation and hill climbing. For load-and-carry or hill-climb operations, the torque converter with optional lock-up transmission provides increased production efficiency, reduced cycle times and optimum fuel savings. An Eco Indicator informs the operator when the machine is maximizing fuel efficiency.

The wide and spacious cab of WA470-6 can reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. The wide pillar-less flat glass affords excellent front visibility, and the wiper arm covers a large area for excellent visibility on rainy days. The cab’s low-noise design of 72 dB (A) creates a comfortable working environment.

With its built-in ROPS/FOPS structure to protect the operator, the new roomy cab is mounted with Komatsu’s unique viscous mounts to keep noise at a minimum and provide a low-vibration, clean operating environment. The layout of the cab has also been improved for easy access to levers, and the air conditioner has been relocated to the front of the cab to increase seat reclining and backward slide adjustment.

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Komatsu WA470-6 New Wheel Loader - Front Side View Komatsu WA470-6 New Wheel Loader - Side Angle View
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