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Kahn HygroPort Portable Hygrometer

Reduce the Waiting with the Kahn HygroPort Portable Hygrometer

Kahn Instruments’ new HygroPort Portable Hygrometer can save engineers and technicians weeks of waiting time each year.

Technical improvements in the operation of Kahn Instruments’ ceramic sensor technology results in faster dewpoint measurements. Dewpoints as low as -95°F can now be measured accurately in less than 10 minutes or even faster in many cases. This super-fast response does not rely on the sensor being dried by a desiccant, which means that every measurement is fast, not just the first of the day, which allows for many more measurements to be taken each day.

However, this is not the only way in which the HygroPort reduces out waiting. Efficient nickel metal hydride batteries and power management circuitry provide the user with 48 hours of use between charges, resulting much more time in the field for taking measurements. In addition, a dead battery can be recharged to 90% of its full potential in just 20 minutes – just 2 hours for a full charge – thanks to the intelligent charger.

With its Bluetooth connection, the HygroPort connects wirelessly to a PC. This means no more time lost in locating, untangling and plugging in cables. Set-up of the instrument and downloading of logged data is therefore quick and simple.

To maximize flexibility, measurements can be taken using the external sensor connection built into the HygroPort. Optional sensors can be used to display dew point, pressure or temperature or can be used to provide pressure and temperature compensation to the displayed moisture parameters.

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