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John Deere Launches New ZTrak PRO 900 Series Mowers

John Deere ZTrak PRO 900 Series Mowers

Professional landscapers continuously look for equipment to help bring more efficiency and productivity to their grounds care operations. Choosing a mower is one the most important business decisions these landscapers can make. John Deere is making the choice a little easier with its latest line of commercial mowers, the ZTrak™ PRO 900 Series and its “Work it for a Week” program.

The ZTrak PRO 900s, which will be unveiled at GIE + EXPO, also offer a commercial, two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty with unlimited hours — further proof of John Deere’s confidence in the series, said Tew.

Designed and developed in response to customer input, the seven models in the Z900 lineup feature the legendary, durable 7-Iron™ Pro deck with stamped, seven-gauge steel, full-wrap reinforcement and Mulch-on-Demand™ capabilities. With top mowing speeds of 10.5 or 12 mph, each model has the power and performance operators demand.

For superior controllability, the Z900s include a new, ground-drive transmission featuring a piston motor, internal wet disc brakes and a gear reduction final drive, providing more torque to the drive tires. Users will also appreciate the Comfort & Convenience package with ergonomic control levers including built-in PTO shutoff and electronic deck raise and lower. And for effortless operation, the series offers dial-in height of cut adjustment on the control panel, on-board self-diagnostics, run-flat tires and John Deere’s exclusive Brake & Go system.

ZTrak PRO 900 Series Lineup

The increased engine displacement 22-hp model is available with a 48- or 54-inch deck and comes equipped with a gas-powered, air-cooled Kawasaki engine.

With a new 26-hp engine, the Z920A is available with four deck options: 48-inch, 48-inch Mulch-on-Demand, 54-inch or 60-inch.

For maximum value, this model features a 27-hp engine and two deck options: 54-inch Mulch-on-Demand or 60-inch standard.

For long engine life and added durability, the Z930A features an air-cooled, 29-hp engine, available with a 60- or 72-inch standard deck or a 60-inch Mulch-on-Demand deck. The 60-inch standard deck machine includes the Comfort & Convenience package.

This 31-hp model is available with a 60- or 72-inch deck as well as a 60-inch Mulch-on-Demand deck and is equipped with a gas-powered, Kawasaki engine. The Comfort & Convenience package is standard on the 72-inch deck machine.

With a 34-hp engine, the Z960A is available with three deck options: 60- or 72-inch standard or the 60-inch Mulch-on-Demand deck — all with the Comfort & Convenience package.

The Z970A features an industry-leading 37-hp vertical crankshaft and a Kawasaki air-cooled engine. A 72-inch mowing deck and the Comfort & Convenience package are standard.

11 Responses to “John Deere Launches New ZTrak PRO 900 Series Mowers”
  1. craig talley says:

    I have a z810a john deere mower, which is short on power. I see that john deere has installed a larger displacement engine in their new z910a mower. I’am trying to find the specks on this new engine, torque and hp. Also I’am assuming john deere knows about the lack of power in the x810a mower since they replaced it with a larger displacement engine.
    Do you know any other problems with the z810a mower I need to know about?

  2. CLINT WALKER says:


  3. craig talley says:

    I have learned that the major cause for the lack of power is the parker pumps they used on the z800 series mowers. They changed then on the z900 series. Let me know how you get alone with john deere on the buy back. My dealer is not the least helpful with the problems with this mower. I ask that either he or john deere return my money. His response was it will never happen. He even denied that there is any thing wrong with this mower. Are you aware of the product improvement packages john deere has for these mowers?

  4. jake brich says:

    The 800’s have several problems, they have many updates that should be put on all 2008 models, the 2009’s should be alright they updated them before they shipped them out. The msin problem is the wheel pumps and loss of power on the 810 and 820’s.

  5. Craig Talley says:

    To Clint Walker: You mentioned on 1-25-2010 that you were trying to get John Deere to buy back your z800 series mower. Have you had any luck with that? My dealer will not return my money and they told me John Deere would have to do that. I’am not having any success finding anyone in John Deere who will even discuss the matter.

  6. Billy Bryant says:

    John Deere has addressed all the problem that plagued the 800 series. The 900s are a much better machine with plenty of power and Tuff Torque Trans. Parker has taken there product over to the competition Toro and Xmark good luck boys

  7. ransom head says:

    z810a,104hrs,belt came off after 45 min. belt broke@ 20hrs,mower is uncontrollable on slopes of any kind.tears up the lawn.this mower is actually dangerous on slopes be careful.pto clutch is shot @100hrs,belt flips over.the tires on the 810 model w/48″ deck are to small they should be 12″ not 9″.the drive belt is to small 1/2″ to control 1500lbs,come on.this mower is so bad my only hope is john deere will buy it back,it can’t be for the kits so far none have helped.when this mower is cold it looks like adrunken sailer was cutting grass,this mower will not go straight.I have had no luck with John Deere

  8. Doc says:

    I am contemplating purchasing the Z925A to mow 6 acres. The dealer stated they were on sale for $8700, which is $1000 less than the Exmark LZZ29KA606 which is similar with a Kawasaki engine. The only reason I am going with the JD is because I have a JD 670 machine with a mid-mount mower, which I will trade. Any thoughts on the two machines?

  9. Ray Paul says:

    Guys you are scaring me!I just ordered a Z910a 48′ ,I hope i have bought a good machine because they aint cheap!

  10. Jason says:

    haha..don’t worry the z900s are awesome…they fixed all the issues…it’s probably the best mower out there now

  11. Steve says:

    Bought a z910A it now has 45 hrs and has been through 3 belts and popping off this one. People a JD are great so far but have not found a fix for it yet. Anyone else has this problem, please email me at Thank you for your help, Steve

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