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Integrity Block, First Green Replacement for Concrete Masonry Units

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Integrity Block is a compacted-earth block used as a cost-competitive replacement for concrete masonry units (CMUs). Made from a proprietary soil mix that includes up to 60 percent pre-consumer recycled content (byproduct from mining or quarrying), the Integrity Block uses 40 percent less energy to produce and meets ASTM C-90 standards for load-bearing CMUs. The portland cement content is approximately half that of standard block. Integrity Blocks are the color of the earth used in manufacturing, giving them a unique natural appearance without any added dyes or pigments. The company’s landscape product is currently available, with structural full and half blocks scheduled to be rolled out in late 2008. Integrity Blocks are initially being shipped in Northern California, although the company has plans for at least five additional plants nationwide within the next several years, so that regional markets can be reached with low transportation (and carbon) impacts.

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Integrity Block
4966 El Camino Real, Suite 223
Los Altos, CA 94022
Phone: 650-641-3104
Fax: 650-963-1544

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  1. I am with H.M. Royal. we are a raw materials company. We will be hosting an event October 27th in Buena Park, CA, featuring presentations by representatives of the California Building Standards Commission and the Housing & Community Development Division of Codes and Standards. The pending Cal Green legislation, as it relates to Building Products manufacturers, will be the primary focus. I would like to send an invitation to anyone at Integrity block that would like to attend.

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