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In Weekly Cycles: Apartment Walls and Slabs in Fair-faced Concrete Quality

The MaxHaus Morumbi in São Paulo consists of four residential towers each with eight storeys. In addition to PERI climbing formwork with VARIO and CB, GRIDFLEX aluminium grid slab formwork is being used for the first time in Brazil.

GRIDFLEX, the aluminium grid slab formwork system from PERI, once again showed its numerous advantages during its initial use in Brazil. Within a very short period of time, it has been possible to construct the floor slabs of the MaxHaus Morumbi residential complex with even, ready to-be-painted ceiling surfaces.

With the PERI GRIDFLEX, the construction crew can achieve fast shuttering times and evenly formed ceilings. The freely-selectable formlining can be safely installed on the element girder grid.

Modern living in a rectangular form
In São Paulo´s Morumbi district, 128 modern apartments are currently being constructed, spread across four residential buildings each with eight floors. Four apartments, each with 70 square metres of floor space, form one storey. The rectangular, 16 by 19-metre reinforced concrete slabs are arranged around the central core of the structure complete with stairwell and elevator shaft. For the walls and ceilings, architectural concrete quality is required.

Weekly cycles with material requirements reduced by half
The formwork concept from the Brazilian PERI engineers for the core and external walls consists of VARIO girder wall formwork which, for the upper floors, is positioned on CB climbing brackets and a BR shaft platform respectively. For the slabs – and for the very first time in Brazil – GRIDFLEX aluminium grid slab formwork is being used. System selection and management of material took place in close cooperation with the site management team in accordance with the specifications regarding concrete quality and construction schedule.

In order to be able to maintain the planned weekly cycle, the formwork for the entire external facade is climbed in advance. With the wall formwork for the core and installation walls, as well as the slab formwork, on-site material quantities have been halved by constructing the floors in two consecutive cycles. For forming the 16 centimetres thick reinforced concrete slabs, the VARIO external formwork serves at the same time as slab edge formwork.

Forming slabs quickly and safely in architectural concrete quality
With the PERI GRIDFLEX, the specified assembly sequence along with the lightweight aluminium components result in fast forming times. In addition, the girder grid slab formwork is extremely flexible as any adjustments to the ground plan and shuttering of column openings is carried out through telescoping using filler and standard elements. The GRIDFLEX system is not only fast, but also safe: formwork elements are mounted from below and swivelled upwards with the help of the shuttering aid. Freely-selectable formlining can subsequently be installed on the complete level of aluminium grid slab formwork without risk of falling for site personnel. Furthermore, the close GRIDFLEX profile spacing of only 13 centimetres ensures any deflections in the formlining are kept to a minimum, resulting in a smooth and even ceiling finish without time-consuming additional measures. After striking has taken place, the aluminium elements can be easily cleaned due to the powder coating. Thus, the construction team can successfully achieve consistent high quality architectural concrete results.

MaxHaus São Paulo
In different districts of the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo, four MaxHaus residential complexes are currently being constructed based on a uniform design. The apartments, each with 70 square metres of living space, do not feature any inside walls with the exception of a small wall section for the sanitary installations. This allows residents to flexibly arrange their apartments according to their individual needs. Combining two adjacent units or those positioned one above the other, has also already been taken into consideration and is therefore possible without any problems. Furthermore, all housing facilities are very comfortably equipped with a pool and fitness room.

Maximum flexibility with telescoped GRIDFLEX filler elements for easy and simple adjustments in both longitudinal and lateral directions. PERI VARIO girder wall formwork and the CB climbing system form crane-moveable climbing units for the external walls. With on-site formwork requirements for the shaft and installation walls being halved, the construction team are still in a position to achieve the planned weekly cycle.
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