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HyperPatch HD-344M Urethane Patch Kit

HyperPatch HD-344M Urethane Patch Kit from Legacy Industrial

Legacy Industrial is announcing the introduction of HyperPatch(TM) a one hour cure concrete-floor patch kit. These kits will afford the end-user the ability to apply a heavy-duty repair patch indoors or outdoors that will be ready to walk on in (1) hour. Useful for hallways, food service areas, laboratories, showers areas, food processing, hospitals, manufacturing plants, sidewalks and dock areas. HyperPatch(TM) is packaged in a (2) gallon container which includes urethane liquids, trowel-grade sand and complete instructions. Once mixed the material can be hand troweled at the recommended ¼”thickness.

Interested parties may reach Legacy Industrial by e-mail at web-site or phone (973) 973-979-0606. Products are available through independent distributors or directly from the company’s on-line store.

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