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House Pilotto by LP Architektur

House Pilotto living room design

elegant and sophisticated house design is done by LP Architektur. This modern architects have designed the House Pilotto in the town of Sankt Johann im Pongau, Austria. This building creation is such a Great house. The metal siding works well with the personality of this house. The stair and slope detail is such a simple design but so effective and creative. It is stuff like this that sets this house above the other flat box modern houses. The concept ofthis modern house architecture arranges the required living space in three main, functional zones. The western part of the first floor is dominated by a circa 90m² wide space, serving as place to eat and living room. It is zoned by means of an offset in height. Entering the house in the eastern part, the family enjoys the orientation of living to the south living room and east kitchen and eating and the sleeping room or bedroom is in the second floor. via

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