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House N by 3LHD Architects

House N - Contemporary Modern House

House N is a contemporary modern living residence design coming from 3LHD Architects. This architectural firm have designed this house in the city of Zagreb, Croatia. The design is so nice and clean, with large glass windows both in the first and second floor, The first floor consists of intimate areas; a work area, parent and children’s zones, The fitness room is situated in the basement and gets its only source of light through round glass ceiling lights placed along the southern glass surface of the living area floor. The boiler room, wellness area and wine cellar are also in the basement. At the very bottom of the sloping lot, there is a two car garage, which is buried in the land and hidden from view of the house. such a comfortable house to live and spend the time together with the family. great job done by the designer in designing this house N. via

House N - Bathroom House N - Dining House N - Exterior House N - Glass Window House N - Interior House N - Kitchen House N - Living Room House N - night View
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