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House 11 by Dane Richardson

House 11 living room design

Great and modern house architecture design is done by Australian architect Dane Richardson. This famous architect has designed this house in Dunsborough, Western Australia; as his own personal residence and home office. The entire northern wall of the main living room is glazed, while the southern and western walls have small openings. Soft southern light penetrates the living room, however the northern glazing is what delivers the connection with the garden and beach beyond, also allowing the winter sun to heat the concrete floor slabs.

House 11 interior design

The children’s bedrooms, bathroom and play room all to the west of the main living room with a car stand further west protecting those external walls. The main living room is on ground level opening onto a garden at one end while the eastern balcony is cantilevered well above ground level facing the ocean. The cantilevered balcony has a full height wall on the southern side stopping the cool prevailing winds. The master bedroom, ensuite and sitting room occupy the highest floor level, private and separated. via

House 11 modern house design House 11 sketch design
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