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Home Remodeling using FAUX PANELS™

Carlton Faux Panels - Carlton Cobblestone Summer Tan

FAUX PANELS™, is ensuring that consumers can remodel homes even with the bad economy by providing faux panels. These fake stone panels are reasonably priced to offer a home remodel that is economical while still giving a realistic stone finish to the home.

Exterior Oxford Faux Panels - Stacked Stone Light Tan

Spending money on a real stone finish for the outside or inside of a home is expensive these days. Not only do consumers have to purchase the stone needed to have the work done, but they will end up paying for a professional mason to do the job for them. With faux panels and siding, you get the same look for just a fraction of the cost.

Today’s new faux panels are not only a reasonably priced answer to remodeling during a bad economy, but they are also very durable. The latest advances in technology have been perfected and used to come up with a material known as high density polyurethane, which makes these panels virtually indestructible. These stone veneer panels are not affected by water either due to the closed cell structure of the polyurethane, which makes it great for outdoor use or even indoor rooms that may get wet, such as the bathroom or the kitchen. For consumers looking for value for their money in this tight economy, the idea of durability makes these panels even more attractive when dollars are tight.

The realistic look that they provide is due to the fact that the panels are actually molded from actual brick, stone, and rock. Consumers can install these panels and it is difficult to tell they are not real stone. The panels are designed to interlock with each other as well, which means the design will look seamless when it is completed.

Whether consumers today want to add a stone, brick, or rock look to their home exteriors, interior rooms, patios, to office buildings, or other structures, with faux panels they can do so at a reasonable price. With many different styles and options available, offers not only affordable pricing, but excellent choices to consumers looking to improve their home at a low cost.

To find out more about faux panels and how you can use them to remodel during a recession, visit for more information.

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2 Responses to “Home Remodeling using FAUX PANELS™”
  1. John cook says:

    Hi, im having a garage being built next month and wanted a stone look all around the outside i live in a lodge house thats 150 years old and want to make the garage look as old is there any way you can give me a quote/ price it would be, or send me a image on what it can look like?
    also is it made out of a plastic?? is it all waether proof??
    look forward to hearing from you

  2. diana mclean says:

    I see you have stacked fake stone. How does it come unpainted and at what cost.

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