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Herzelia Pituah House 3 by Pitsou Kedem

Herzelia Pituah House - Modern Residence Design

modern house living residence design had been done designed by Tel-Aviv, Israel based architect Pitsou Kedem. This famous designer in Israel had designed Herzelia Pituah House 3, that has been categorized and won fourth place in the buildings category in the Project of the Year Competition organized by Architecture of Israel Quarterly. The design is so modern and awesome with stunning look both inside and outside. Nice and comfortable with great finishing and furnishing. A monochromatic architectural line is granted by a 3D encounter between horizontal spaces and vertical walls, while architectural richness is achieved through non-material components transparency, reflection, and light. Within this, the openings regulate the light and shades, accentuating the difference between the various masses, each made of a different material – bare concrete, wood, glass and metal. via

Herzelia Pituah House - Dining Room Herzelia Pituah House - Kitchen Herzelia Pituah House - Living Room Herzelia Pituah House - Restroom Herzelia Pituah House -Staircase
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