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Hat Island Residence by Bjarko and Serra Architects

Hat Island Residence bedroom design

Another beautiful house design is done by Bjarko and Serra Architects. This architects have designed a home on Hat Island, which is near Seattle, Washington. The idea of creating this house is the architects want to design a simple house but containing a modern value of each part of the house. designed as two separate buildings one for living and eating, and the other for sleeping. The separate bedroom wing provides extra privacy, so late-night entertaining does not disturb sleeping children or weary parents, as the case may be. The primary challenge became how to balance this idea with the reality of constructing a home for 2 families containing 5 bedrooms on a compact site. Selecting materials and detailing for the shell of the building based on durability also had primary importance given the exposed nature of the site. The materials include Western Red Cedar channel siding over a rainscreen system, Cembonit cement panels over a rainscreen system, Tigerwood decking, galvanized railings, standing seam metal roofing. the crisp, cool, clean lines both calming and inspirational; the design is spectacular and I think the concept of a separate sleeping wing is fabulous. Living in this home would be a pleasure. via

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