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Gero Restaurant by Isay Weinfeld

Entrance façade at night

1,480 sqm Plot Area turn to be a lovely and chic restaurant called Gero Restaurant by Isay Weinfeld, a Brazilian architect, graduated from Mackenzie University, and acts as a set designer, furniture designer and filmmaker. Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this Gero restaurant will accommodate a dining room with approximately 90 seats, a waiting lounge/bar.

Counter elevation

Stunning exteriors combined with chic and modern interiors with completely blind to the street except for a translucent shed opening in the gap formed between the slab that covers the frontal side of the edifice and the ceiling of the salon per se, tilted towards the back of the land, believed will attract guests and visitors to come in to try not only the cuisine in this restaurant but also the architecture that designed so well in its every single detail.

News/Images source: archdaily

Lounge space perspective Gero Restaurant by Isay Weinfeld - Plan
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