Architecture Things » Futuristic Design UAX Studio in Kojetín by Kamil Mrva Architects

Futuristic Design UAX Studio in Kojetín by Kamil Mrva Architects

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Famous Architect Kamil Mrva designa a brand new studio in Kojetín, Czech Republic. this Architects turn the old barn into a studio for work and living in. The plot is located on a hill with a view of the surrounding landscape in the middle of Kojetín, The Owner wants to make futuristic dream house by turning the old barn into beautiful place to live. the designer success to give a beautiful house that built with great architecture design. and the designer really did it. A ceiling under a ceiling is a suggestive idea.

unique design from side to side

This beautiful architecture is made from natural material, by combining Past and present, the natural and the artifact merges finely. not only the structure of the building that made from the wood but also the interior is made and fill with beautiful stuff from natural material. The main concept is about the originality of the region, this single-space concept is taken from the ancestors who used to live in this region. All necessities were taken care of in one parlor room; a kitchenette, sitting room and place for working and sleeping. A kitchen, dining room, sitting room with a study and a bedroom with a bathroom are designed in the living space. On the terrace there is a covered space for sitting in the summer and a sunny plank projecting outward. (source)

glass window design of the studio living room studio design modist interior design studio
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