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Furniture Collection from Weylandts

Weylandts - Anita Chair

Weylandts is retail store in the South Africa which focus on a fusion of contemporary and traditional design, and here are some of their collection which includes: The Lolah Chair, Rumba Chair, Louise Chair, Pigalle Chair, Croissant Chair, Anita Chair, Rafuan Chair, Yin & Yang Armchair, Modern Armchair. Bajalvo Round Coffee Table, Sun Coffee Table, Sun Mirror, The Five Stone Floor Lamp and the Baquette Floor Lamp, Modern Floor Lamps, The C-U-C-ME O Hanging Lamp and Hanging Ebony Lamp, Hanging Lamps, The Tree Ebony Table Lamp & Baquette Table Lamp, Modern Table Lamps, Sea Shell Vessel, Modern Vase, Sea Shell Candle Holder, Modern Candle Holder, Sea Shell Oil Pot, Icy Vessel, Graz Vessel, Jupiter Vessel via

Weylandts - Bajavo Round Coffee Table Weylandts - Croissant Chair Weylandts - Icy Vessel Weylandts - Lolah Chair Weylandts - Louise Chair Weylandts - Pigalle Chair Weylandts - Rafuan Chair Weylandts - Rumba Chair Weylandts - Sea Shell Candle Holder Weylandts - Sun Coffee Table Weylandts - Sun Mirror Weylandts - The C-U-C-ME O lamp Weylandts - The Five Stone and the Baquette Floor Lamp Weylandts - Yin Yang Armchair
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