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FlatFlat by SAKO Architects

FlatFlat - Design Interior

FlatFlat is a place which NHN Japan Corporation present their new online games, Hangame, an online games portal for mobile phones that is especially designed for the visitor who wants to try this game. The interior of this building which located at the center of Harajuku, a part of Tokyo is designed SAKO Architects. The design is based on the idea in designing an interior just like a cave which has the ‘organic principle’ consists of curved lines that create a unique and beautiful space which is the various space that people can discover their own place to stay depending on each purpose and feeling while the different scenes unfold continually. The concept of the store is ‘the future park’ and we attempted to combine virtual element with real space opens to anyone. It is not only the space where ‘organic principle’ and ‘inorganic principle’ stay together, but it represents the modern society consists of real and virtual environments. via

FlatFlat - Interior Design FlatFlat - Interior
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