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Fastlane Leads the Optical Turnstile Industry According to Research Firm

Fastlane GlassWing

Smarter Security Systems, provider of intelligent entrance control and outdoor security solutions, announced today that a recent study by IMS Research revealed that Fastlane® is now the leading brand of barrier optical turnstiles (known as “speedgates”) in the western hemisphere. The biennial report by IMS Research, entitled “The Americas Market for Entrance Control Equipment,” shows Fastlane more than doubling its market share in two years and ascending from fourth to a decisive first place by the end of 2008.

Fastlane ClearStyle

IMS Research reports that while the market for speedgates used in building applications grew only about 2 percent from 2006 to 2008, Fastlane’s share of market increased from 13.5 percent to 32.4 percent. What was in 2006 a tightly bunched group of four brands changed dramatically as Fastlane surpassed three competitors to claim nearly a third of the market. Keys to the success for Fastlane in this time period were the introduction of the award-winning and popular GlassGate™ in late 2006 and the refresh of the complete line of barrier products. Today, Smarter Security offers GlassWing™, with retracting angel wings, GlassGate in a new model with full-height barriers, Fastlane Plus with retracting barrier arms, and non-barrier optical turnstiles, including the architect-inspired ClearStyle™. For more information, please visit

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