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Exclusive to MoMA – Japanese Design

MoMA - Apple jar with Spoon

“Destination: Japan is a MoMA-exclusive product collection
highlighting lifestyle products from Japan.” becomes the description of The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in presenting their collection. Through their online store, MoMa revealed their collection from various designers, They are: Splash Dipping Bowls by Akimasa Yamada, Twist Bud Vase by Tomomi Sakamoto, Stainless Steel Peeler by Shimomura Industrial Co. Ltd, Twisted Chopstick Rests by Shukoh Hayashi, Tea Canister by Tomita Press Industrial Co, Mammals Vase by Yumi Masuko, Folding Bread Board by Hiroyuki Arai, Hollow Vase by Haruki Senda, Crystal Cloud by Yumiko Yoshimoto, Apple Jar with Spoon by Tatsuya Okazaki, via

MoMA - Crystal Cloud MoMA - Folding Bread Board MoMA - Hollow Vase MoMA - Mammals Vase MoMA - Splash Dipping Bowls MoMA - Stainless Steel Peeler MoMA - Tea Canister MoMA - Twist Bud Vase MoMA - Twisted Chopstick Rests
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