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Euclid Avenue House by Levitt Goodman Architects

Euclid Avenue House - Urban Residence Design

Levitt Goodman Architects have done designing a useful prototype for new urban housing. This architects have designed the Euclid Avenue house in Toronto, Canada. The Euclid Avenue House is a modern residence design which designed strategically planned and relaxed living space that accommodates the life of a full family and invites the varying temperature, light and color. The architects done a Really good use of space. The stunning idea by the architects doing this design is a smart idea designing the green roof. The architects also designed an interesting layout of the kitchen to the dining room. and another fantastic part of this house design is The view of the garden from the bedroom. via. Photo credit: Ben Rahn/A-Frame Inc.

Euclid Avenue House - Bedroom Euclid Avenue House - Green Roof Euclid Avenue House - Interior Euclid Avenue House - Kitchen Euclid Avenue House - Living Room
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