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Emmanuel Babled Furnitures Collection

Emmanuel Babled Furnitures Collection - Altair Lamp

Sophisticated and stunning furniture including, chair, lamp, and table furniture are exhibited During the Design Miami exhibition, One of the contestant that will show their latest limited edition product is the Gallery Priveekollektie that will present the most recent work of French designer Emmanuel Babled. The furniture that will be introduced and shown including: SUNSHARE, ALTAIR, QUARK TABLE, and DIGIT. via

Emmanuel Babled Furnitures Collection - Digit Lamp

SUNSHARE is A chair of contrasting movement and fluidity of form, made of carrara marble, created with the use of innovative computer programs. This chair only produced 12 pieces.
ALTAIR is A lamp where acrylic is applied three-dimensionally with computer-aided design and manufacturing programs, LED light provides color and emphasizes effects of transparency and opacity.
This beautiful lamp only produced 7 pieces.
QUARK TABLE is a low coffee table, consisting of organic and fluid forms and only produced 7 pieces in the world.
DIGIT is A handmade chandelier and floor lamp made of Murano glass. The asymmetrical forms of these chandeliers are in contrast with the symmetrical forms that traditionally appear in chandeliers from Murano. For this special occasion a new dark Grey color version will be introduced. Limited edition of 12 pieces.

Emmanuel Babled Furnitures Collection - Quark Table Emmanuel Babled Furnitures Collection - Sunshare Chair
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