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Eggrock Pre-built Bathroom

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Traditionally, bathrooms are expensive to build on-site and are a major cause of construction delays and quality problems. Building each bathroom at the construction site requires at least eight different specialty trades to complete – all within a small, confined space.

Eggrock Bathroom - Healthcare - 2

Eggrock solves these problems by building bathrooms in a controlled manufacturing facility and delivering them to the construction site complete with finished floor and wall tiles, paint, wallpaper, fixtures, lighting, and electrical outlets all in place.

Eggrock is the leading manufacturer of pre-built bathroom pods in the United States. The Company applies state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technology to produce design compliant, ready-to-install bathrooms for the multi-unit construction market. Eggrock’s bathrooms reduce construction time and costs while dramatically improving workmanship quality in a room that is critical to customer satisfaction. Website: Eggrock

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