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ECO Cleaning Systems Advances Power Washing Industry Technology

HydroRecyClean power wash system

ECO Cleaning Systems, manufacturer of environmentally responsible surface cleaning products in Port Clinton, Ohio, today announced the immediate availability of its newest technology, the HydroRecyClean power wash system. This new innovation is the only fully automatic and integrated system to recover wastewater, filter it on site for reuse, and convert recovered contaminants into non-leachable materials that can often be disposed of in general landfills.

The heart of the HydroRecyClean system is its patented six step filtration process that reduces recovered wastewater contaminants, in most cases, to EPA acceptable disposal waste. The system is unique in that wastewater recovery and filtration occur simultaneously, while the system cleans surfaces.

The HyrdoRecyClean system recovers up to 10 gallons a minute through a proprietary filtration process, cleaning recovered wastewater down to one micron. Contaminants extracted from the water stream include hydrocarbons, oils, grease, cleaning chemicals, asbestos, and heavy metals such as those found in lead paint chips.

The Federal Clean Water Act prohibits contaminated surface cleaning wastewater from entering sewage and storm drains, making the HydroRecyClean system a perfect solution for a variety of industries engaged in the clean up of hydrocarbons, heavy metals and other hazmat chemicals. Such industries include airports, military bases, theme parks, big box retailers, marinas, and parking structures, to name a few.

Along with the HydroRecyClean system, ECO Cleaning Systems provides a family of wash, water recovery and water recycling systems to the commercial surface cleaning industry. ECS products are manufactured with American parts and produced in Port Clinton, Ohio.

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