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Ditec Cubic 6 Underground Automation

Ditec automation for swing gates

Ditec Cubic 6 underground automation has not only been designed for automatic gates, but also as a solution to convert the steps in an automatic ramp for disabled people, in order to ease their access to shops, hotels and pavements

Venice is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in the world and visiting it is a real pleasure.

Anyone with mobility problems because of being confined to a wheelchair has to face real troublesome obstacles.

Hotels and shops located in the small Venetian lanes are normally fitted with automatic doors, to give an initial real help to less fortunate people.

However, there is still the problem of how to go through an entrance both because of the lack of space and because external fixed ramps cannot be fitted as they could hinder free circulation.

However, the sensitivity of a hotel owner has managed to overcome the regulations stated in this heartless standard by making him find a solution able to offer an even better support for such people.

A solution to this problem has been found by Mariuzzo, a Venice based company specialised in sheet metal working; with the co-operation of mechanical professional engineers and of Sikura Service, a Ditec Expert specialist in automatic entrances, has developed and manufactured an apparently normal “step”, able to automatically convert, if needs be, to a real ramp for disabled.

Thanks to a human and professional sensitivity, this access system has been manufactured and patented and fitted with linkages operated by Cubic 6 Ditec automation.

At first glance, it is a normal step which can be covered with any material to better fit with pre-existing access stairs which, by connecting some special mechanical drive linkage operated by Ditec Cubic 6 automation, is able to convert it to a real ramp for disabled.

Therefore, Cubic 6, born as a Ditec automation for swing gates with a 24 V low voltage operation, and designed to be used underground, when used by less fortunate people, has proved to be efficient and reliable, thanks to the certifications gained by Ditec.

To date, several installations have been completed with this innovative access system and the clips made clearly show how the entrance is no longer a problem for people with reduced mobility.

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