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Discount Wine Cellars Gets A Make-Over

110 Bottle Premium Wooden Wine Rack

Discount Wine Cellars gets many calls a day from prospective customers who’d like to have an entire wine cellar designed by professionals. Discount Wine Cellars likes to make this process simple for their customers. Customers can simply fax or e-mail a rough sketch of the room that they would like outfitted with wine racks to the Discount Wine Cellars office. Most times they are able to design a beautiful wine storage solution for the customer within just a couple of days. They also provide customers with a high quality 3D drawing of their prospective wine cellar so that they get the full effect before they ever even place an order. By providing the drawing the customer is able to tell what their cellar will look like and can also make changes to the design easily. The best part of this process is that this designing service is offered for free!

24 Bottle Versatile Wine Cube

Eco-Friendly Staining & Lacquering Process

At Discount Wine Cellars they try their best to be conscious of global impact and also to keep it as minimal as possible. To aid in this process, all staining and lacquering is done in an eco-friendly way. All stains are water-based so the chemical release into the atmosphere is almost non-existent. Not only are their stain products Earth friendly, they are also of the utmost quality. When they made the initial switch to the water-based stains, repeat customers were unable to even tell the difference between the two! They also offer 20 different stain colors to ensure that customers will be able to match practically any pre-existing wood work or décor.

Offering over 100 differently themed wine charm sets, they know their customer base will find exactly what they are looking for when they shop at Discount Wine Cellars. If for some reason they don’t, customers simply have to give their offices a call and Discount Wince Cellars will put together a custom set for them, most times at no additional cost. The wine charm sets are made strictly of pewter and glass charms and glass beads so that customers get a quality product. To top it all off, all wine charm sets are made right here in the USA!

Discount Wine Cellars also offers a great selection of accessories for wine storage and enjoyment such as lead-free crystal glasses and decanters, wine bottle openers and bottle stoppers. Website:

40 Bottle Wine Cube 48 Bottle Flat Top Modular Fir Wine Rack 48 Bottle Instant Cellar with Top 112 Bottle Modular Wine Rack
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  1. Lee savage says:

    Please can I have a price for a hand made wooden wine rack

  2. adam says:

    can i have a price please?

  3. Simon murrell says:

    Looking to buy storage for approx 150 bottles no more than 5 high to be mounted on a wall
    Please let me know what you can offer and costs

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