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Discoco pendant lamp by Christophe Mathieu

Discoco pendant lamp - Lighting Collection

The designer Christophe Mathieu finally done his unfinished 1997 design of contemporary lighting furniture the Discocó pendant lamp. After postponed for a while because of the most suitable technology and manufacturing process matter, The pendant that is inspired from some of the creation from other designer such as: The lamps of Poul Henningsen, the ‘Fun DM’ collection by Verner Panton and the ‘Porca Miseria’ light from Ingo Maurer, finished with the notion of a light source design surrounded by reflecting diffusing components and the idea of the screening of the light itself by using opaque discs of molded ABS and injection moulded aluminum rods. Discoco pendant lamp is designed for the Spanish lighting manufacturer Marset. via

Discoco pendant lamp - Lighting Design Discoco pendant lamp - Lighting Furniture
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