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Desaturated Dogmas by Philip Michael Wolfson

Desaturated Dogmas - Atractive Chair

New pieces furniture is coming from Designer Philip Michael Wolfson. This designer designed and created some attractive beautiful furniture products made entirely out of HI-MACS natural acrylic stone. Philip Michael Wolfson will introduce all his masterpiece and presented his Desaturated Dogmas exhibition during the 2009 London Design Week. The pieces were manufactured in England by Solidity, a specialist solid surface fabricator, who enjoy finding new ways of working with Solid Surface materials, and developing new techniques that push the limits of the material. The furniture including, mirror, chair, table and so on. via

Desaturated Dogmas - Furniture Product Desaturated Dogmas - Seating Desaturated Dogmas - Table Furniture Desaturated Dogmas - Unique Mirror
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