Architecture Things » Dental clinic KU64 Berlin, Germany by GRAFT Architects

Dental clinic KU64 Berlin, Germany by GRAFT Architects

Dental clinic KU64 - Treatment Room

The general concept for the dental clinic creates a radically new typology. The model of a dune landscape with high points and hollows to hide in, as everybody knows it from the beach, was used as a metaphor for an artificial landscape of undulating folded floors reflected by a ceiling of a similar shape. This creates a space that provides a lush definition of introverted protection without distinct enclosure.

Dental clinic KU64 - Rooftop

Visitors to the Dentist KU64 in Berlin receives a dune landscape in sunny sandy colors. The last summer vacation can greet. It smells of fresh coffee, lounge music fills the room. The ambience made of glass, waves and colors with his skillful transparency enables exciting insight into extra-ordinary rooms. On 1000 m2 and two floors, a completely new and very modern dental practice was built. Floor and ceiling are formed into a wave, which covered everything and a three-dimensional space makes life figure. These amorphous images, sound background and a special lighting design. And who in the deckchairs on the sunny terrace high above the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin’s sip cappuccino, is not surprised when the evening crackling fireplace a touch of romance in the waiting lounge of the dental practice magic.

Architects: GRAFT

Dental clinic KU64 - Wartelounge Dental clinic KU64 - Entreè
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