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Concrete Pod House by Kazuya Morita

Concrete Pod House

Here is one of the best architecture project design from the Japanese architect Kazuya Morita called The Concrete Pod House, micro-space furniture for private and public use made of the concrete of extremely thin. This concrete pod house is made from the fiber reinforced concrete, which is the mixture of white cement and light-weight aggregate and glass fiber. This concrete house makes us feel indoor and outdoor at the same time, and takes us to the sensitive feeling and deep relaxation in the nature.’ via

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  1. Hello, I totally love your Concrete Pod House!
    I am an egg artist and I am in the design
    phase of creating an Egg Art Gallery. I am
    interested in precast concrete building design.
    Your site is inspiration!
    Happy Spring,
    Peggy J. Vincent
    Hot Springs Arkansas

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