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Claremont House by Brininstool and Lynch

Claremont House - Contemporary Modern Residence

Another great contemporary house living residence has been done designed by Brininstool + Lynch Architects. This architectural building architects designed the Claremont House in Chicago, Illinois. The design is simple outside but extra ordinary inside with large glass window on the front side if the house made this house seems so open and comfortable. The using of great material that taken from Traditional materials of brick, concrete, limestone, steel, and zinc are used to form a non-traditional house on a typical lot on the north side of Chicago. The ground floor houses the guest room and family room, which is also framed by a large sheet of glass that brings the outdoor courtyard visually into the interior, and floods this area with ambient natural light. An outdoor stairway from the kitchen to the courtyard is wrapped with perforated zinc panels that shade southern light into the courtyard. Private rooms for the family of four are located on the third floor. via

Claremont House - Backyard Dining Claremont House - Bedroom Claremont House - Family Room Claremont House - Interior View Claremont House - Kitchen and Dining Room
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