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Ceramic Sculptures by Merete Rasmussen

Ceramic Sculptures - Black Edition

Unique, attractive and colorful furniture stuff is coming from London, a Danish artist, Merete Rasmussen who predominately works with one-off sculptural forms in stoneware clay. This creator and designer made a beautiful work of art as part of your home interior improvement. This piece of art is a handmade art that has been design and made using a coiling technique. Stoneware is her chosen material for its qualities. The great idea done by the designer is to create a pice of art furniture that has one continuous surface, with one connected edge or line running through the whole form. And the result is this marvelous Ceramic Sculptures, clear, clean shapes; soft smooth curves in contrast to sharp edges. via

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  1. moni says:

    love this piece. How much!

  2. jay frank says:

    how do i find out how to buy these sculptures and how much?

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