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Burj Khalifa Dubai, the Worlds Tallest Building Inaugurated

Burj Khalifa  Dubai - Night View

A dazzling fireworks display marked the inauguration of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai) in downtown Dubai. Burj Khalifa opened its doors to the public who rode Otis double-deck elevators to “At the Top, ” the 124th floor observation deck. At 828 meters high and more than 160 stories, Burj Khalifa is 319 meters taller than the previous record-holder Taipei 101.

Burj Khalifa  Dubai - Construction View

The official inauguration of the tower took place in the evening where the height of the tower was finally revealed: 828 meters (2,717 feet) high and more than 160 stories, making it 319 meters (1,047 feet) taller than the previous record-holder Taipei 101.

The tower – a construction and engineering marvel – is the centerpiece of downtown Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Burj Khalifa features 900 apartment residences; 144 residences in the Armani Residences Dubai; many fine-dining and entertainment venues; 49 floors of corporate office suites; the world’s first Armani Hotel; a four-story fitness and recreation complex; and an 11 hectare (27 acre) park with six water features.

For more than five years, thousands of Otis employees from around the world have been involved with the Burj Khalifa project, from the early negotiation stages to the design, engineering, installation and project management phases. Otis has supplied and installed eight escalators and 57 elevators, including 25 energy-efficient Gen2® machine-roomless units and seven SKYWAY® systems, of which, two are double-deck elevators used exclusively for travel to the observation deck. The tower also boasts an Otis elevator with the longest travel distance in the world at 504 meters (1, 654 feet), the world’s highest elevator landing at 638 meters (2, 093 feet) and the world’s fastest double-deck elevators at 10 meters per second (1, 969 feet per minute).

Burj Khalifa  Dubai - Aerial View Burj Khalifa Dubai - Aerial Night View Burj Khalifa Dubai - Elevator Lobby Burj Khalifa Dubai - Inauguration Burj Khalifa Dubai - Residential Amenities Entrance Burj Khalifa Dubai At The Top Observation Deck Burj Khalifa Dubai At The Top Reception
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  1. Ande sri omkara murthy says:

    it is great costruction in the world. i wanted to see in my life even one time.

  2. Its Amazing Construction in this World..

  3. lohith says:

    great building

  4. said A M says:

    the architects that designed and supervised the construction of this building you have realy tried and you deserved a credit. To remind you! this is a clear sign for last hour “people will be competing for long houses” said by prophet Muhammad(SAW)about 1400 ago.pls dont be deluted by this world because it will come to an end soon, worship your creator(Allah) a long.the buildings of Paradise uncomparable wit Burj Khalifa their height from ground (earth surface to Heaven.

  5. ajak says:

    great country,great engineering,will become strong in economy

  6. roopesh says:

    very good building in the world….

  7. pAul says:

    Almost unreal and unbeliveble !

  8. mirjam says:

    There are so many great, tall fantastic buildings in the world, created long before the Arabs started to IMITATE them all `!!!! Isn’t there really nothing original in this UAE’ NO it’s all artificial and copied or bought from Western know-how. Simply disgusting and useless.

  9. ratnarekha says:

    it is very very tall and and all the credits should be given to the workers who has made a great opportunity in making that building a tallest building in the world!!!Actually listen to me this a fact:These Arab workers are very young and also very old at sometimes,but,these people have a lot of stamina and energy and the rare and latest equipments to do this works. This gulf is not so good comparing with people but good in money.Believe me!!!
    I am staying there only!

  10. Mustafa kalla says:

    it is like a miracle..i hv been to the top floor of ths amazing building n i was feeling lyk m in feels great n sumthng lyk magic..

  11. Innovation is good and I cherish it, Burj Khalifa is one of them but, human should focus on the climatic implications of these innovations, that’s why you hear earthquakes here and there.What I am saying may not be sensible but if have read this, when it happens you will remember these. limit your innovations for the future.

  12. MOHAD says:


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