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Botanists Develop New Way to Freeze Pruf Plants

Freeze Pruf your garden

This non-toxic spray, called FreezePruf™, from The Liquid Fence® Company, lowers a plant’s freeze tolerance up to 9.4° Fahrenheit, depending on the species, and enhances its resistance to frost. The protection lasts up to 6 weeks and works on all plants, including annuals, fruit and vegetables, tropicals and trees.

The nontoxic spray will be available at garden centers and home improvement stores in September.

FreezePruf is an industry exclusive mixture of biodegradable, food production-grade ingredients that protect the foliage and flower both externally and systemically.

The eco-safe, water-based spray contains five ingredients that work together to lower the freezing point of plant tissues, strengthen cell walls and membranes, and coat leaves to reduce water loss and retain the active ingredients within plant tissues.

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