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Bostik Introduces Chem-Calk 505

Bostik Chem-Calk 505

Bostik Inc.’s Construction & Industrial (C&I) Business Unit has developed Chem-Calk® 505, a new, two-component, polyurethane sealant for vertical and horizontal commercial construction applications. The non-sag, architectural-grade formulation is designed to seal expansion and control joints in precast concrete construction and metal curtain walls, as well as the perimeters of door and window frames and other building components.

Replacing Chem-Calk 500, the innovative Chem-Calk 505 offers upgrades in its ease of mixing and tooling, as well as property improvements in hardness, modulus and tensile strength. Chem-Calk 505 also delivers improved handling thanks to its consistent viscosity over a broad temperature spectrum.

Available immediately, Chem-Calk 505 comes in convenient, lightweight 1.5-gallon plastic pails featuring easy zip-strip opening. Its predecessor came in metal pails. Another key upgrade with Chem-Calk 505 is its Flex-Pak® Colorants used to expand the color palette available to contractors utilizing a flexible packaging design. Website:

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