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Blinds Chalet Expands Services to Include Drapery Hardware

Plantation Wood Rods - Turned Knob - Drapery Rod

Blinds Chalet has expanded their services to include drapery hardware with an eco twist. After fifteen years in business, Blinds Chalet now offers wood, wrought iron and contemporary metal drapery rods, art guild rods, drapery ties, and drapery rings, all made from recycled materials.

Wrought Iron Rods - Terrazzo 1 Inch Iron Drapery Rod

Balancing style, utility and environmental awareness, Blinds Chalet’s drapery hardware is made from natural products such as recycled metal, ceramics, and glass. The packaging material is also made from cardboard and paper rather than plastics.

Blinds Chalet also carries a number of eco-friendly window blinds that are PVC-free and contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), 100% recyclable fabrics, and LEED certified-friendly meaning these blinds can be used when in pursuit of LEED certification for a building or home.

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Art Guild Rods - Morocco Ceramic Vase 1 Inch Drapery Rod Contemporary Metal Rods - Round Flame 1 Inch Drapery Rod
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  1. Some of those finishes on the drapery rods are absolutely stunning! There’s the option of a wood-based or metallic rod, and the ends themselves are a nice accent and decorative highlight themselves. If you’re going to be investing heavily into your curtains, then you might as well spend a bit to make sure your drapery rods look decent as well.

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