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Blair Residence by Bruce Bolander Architect

Blair Residence - Modern House Design

Architect Bruce Bolander has finished designing a modern beautiful house design located in Malibu, California. The idea of designing this stunning residence is to create a good house with a fantastic view. The house is in a high fire area and is constructed of all non-combustible structural materials, and mostly non-combustible finish materials also. The material selections (wood, glass, steel and concrete, lots of it) are well done and their raw aesthetic qualities which are generally contrasted with refined elements like cabinetry, tiles or furnishings. The view is great and the concrete has an awesome wood grain texture that looks like it was done with a form liner in order to capture that look. Some kind of great house done by the architect. via

Blair Residence - Balcony Blair Residence - Bedroom Blair Residence - Interior Blair Residence - Kitchen Blair Residence - Living Room Blair Residence - Staircase
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