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Biloba Hydraulic Hinges Designed for Interior Doors

Biloba Hydraulic Hinges

Biloba designed for interior doors, this system avoids mounting any element whatsoever on the floor or ceiling while offering the advantages of a floor break without its disadvantages. This is a system with regulated speed and force.

Each double action hinge will adorn your interior glass doors with elegance. Biloba hinges offer many flexible installation options (without a frame or in an existing door frame). This product also enables door closing speed to be regulated for doors up to 100 kg with a glass thickness of 8 to 12 mm. The door remains in a 90° and 180° position.

You’re looking for a quality product? The Biloba hydraulic hinge was tested and certified for 1 million cycles. In order to match the style of your interior perfectly, two finishes are available: satin chrome and polished chrome.

We offer different components with symmetric or non-symmetric anchoring, depending on the configuration of your installation. Website:

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