Architecture Things » Bigge Creates Worlds Largest Crane Reference Library

Bigge Creates Worlds Largest Crane Reference Library

Bigge Creates Crane Reference Library

Crane owners and prospective buyers are always looking for more information about their cranes. Crane owners need charts and specifications about the cranes they have in the field. Crane buyers need a place to be able to compare cranes across manufacturers in order to make the most informed decision about which crane to select. The problem is that each manufacturer’s website is so byzantine in its organization, this information is hard to even access, much less concentrate and compare. With its new crane information library, Bigge Crane & Rigging has created a portal to find information about cranes, and easily compare their features and capabilities.

Bigge’s new crane reference library features crane descriptions, specifications, features, crane charts, and pictures of cranes in the field, as well as pricing and current inventory status. “Based on talking with our customers and looking at our web visitor traffic, we knew that creating this type of reference library was definitely needed”, said Chris Pantages, online marketing manager, “We are excited to curate such a vast collection of crane charts and other information about almost every crane in use today”.

Bigge’s crane reference library can be found at:

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