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Before and After – A Contemporary Remodel in Utah

Tyler Gourley - Garage

Nice contemporary living residence that being remodeled is done by the designer and owner of this remodel house residence it self Tyler Gourley. This beautiful house residence is located in Salt Lake City Utah. The design is so nice and clean with two garage that you will see for the first time when you come onto this house, the open large glass windows becomes the characteristic of this house creating an open and inviting situation and the sunlight can get in to the house directly through this windows. The interior and exterior is designed connected each other, elegant and chic and great job done by the architect in designing this remodel house. via

Tyler Gourley - Bathroom Tyler Gourley - Bedroom Tyler Gourley - Fire Place Tyler Gourley - Kitchen Tyler Gourley - Remodel House Design Tyler Gourley- Living Room
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